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Iboss SWG Web Content Management Solution Overview

Ensure Regulatory Compliance: CIPA and HIPAA

Issues: It’s become increasingly more difficult to manage networks by filtering URLs. With the emergence of Web 2.0 and HTTPS, as well as the onslaught of mobile devices and BYOD which have become a big part of day-to-day operations, it’s become imperative to secure networks beyond simply the wired devices. In addition, generic reporting of URL access fails to provide complete insight on the network resources utilized, and it lacks the ability to pinpoint the latest threats..

Solution: To address the “new Web,” iboss SWG Web Security secures all aspects of Internet traffic including web filtering, SSL access, applications, bandwidth throttling/QoS, on/off-premise mobile security, and BYOD management tools all of which are combined with best-of-breed network threat and reporting dashboards in one solution. This comprehensive security suite gives you the tools you need to secure all aspects of Internet traffic. By inspecting across 65,535 ports, iboss SWG tracks and manages applications such as Web Ex and Google Docs, including SSL on nonstandard ports while providing unmatched network insight. All iboss SWG filters include the iboss SWG Threat and Event Reporter for unmatched packet level insight.

iboss SWG Web Security Combines:

Application, HTTPS, Web 2.0

Application, HTTPS, Web 2.0

Web 2.0 introduced the need to protect traffic outside standard Port 80 and 443. New applications such as torrents, annonymizers, and chat applications such as Yahoo and Google Chat must use nonstandard ports for communication. Securing these ports ensures network compliance and reduces threat exposure while enforcing the organization’s acceptable use policies (AUP).

Identify Threats. Report Traffic

Identify Threats & Report Traffic
iboss SWG Web Security contains the powerful iboss SWG Enterprise Forensic Reporter to provide best-of-breed network reporting, forensic search abilities, and drill-down detail of all network traffic. iboss SWG Forensic Reporter provides dynamic real-time threat dashboards to pinpoint threats, bandwidth usage, and user activity. It also includes the Bandwidth Plotter, so administrators can track bandwidth consumption through a bandwidth plotter and heat map charts, plus search functions to track individual connections. The proprietary Global Geotagging Map over IP provides live visual insight on where network traffic is originating from, across the globe.

Protect Network Resources
iboss Bandwidth Management delivers control and visibility of network traffic. Flexible policies can be applied to throttle non-critical traffic during peak hours while ensuring that network-critical access is retained. With its real-time bandwidth logs and comprehensive data reports, IT can identify the area of bandwidth usage. Advanced controls allow policies to be set by predefined categories, domain, IP, or TCP/UDP and then applied to different groups. Management is refreshingly seamless and simple.

Social Media Content Management
Expansive social media management options provide “clean” access to YouTube, Google Management Suite and both their services. They also offer Google Clean Image Search and page-content control for social media sites.

Internet Content Controls: Layered Defense

Properly secures and manages Internet traffic, delivering a layered defense to protect against threats that extend beyond port 80 and 443.

Scanning Across SSL/HTTPS

SSL is essential to protect sensitive information on financial sites and other types of online locales, but it’s also being Categories
used for social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Utilizing advanced techniques, iboss SWG Web Security dynamically identifies all traffic, including SSL, with the help
of advanced algorithms and signatures that lack cumbersome configurations.

URL vs. Domain = More Granular Management

Websites are becoming resources for a growing mix of concern. Managing access by allowing or restricting sites by base domain does not provide the flexibility organizations require today. To provide a more fluid web experience, iboss delivers a remedy — the ability to manage content within a website, a solution that’s more in-demand than ever considering the invasive nature of social media and related websites. For example, with iboss, it’s now possible to restrict access to general Twitter for a group but enable access to a particular page within twitter for marketing purposes. This approach facilitates more targeted web management and greater end-user experiences.

Safe-Search Enforcement

iboss SWG Web Security allows you to enforce strict safe search on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. This includes image searching. If this option is enabled and the user does not have search engine preferences set to strict safe-searching, the iboss will automatically turn the safe-search preference to "strict." If the user disables the preference in an attempt to circumvent the option, the iboss will automatically enable the preference back to strict. This allows an extra layer of enforcement to prevent adult and explicit content from being searched on these search engines.

Keyword Defense

To properly secure the network, identifying communication that can pose a threat to the organization is crucial. Keyword defense provides the ability to identify communication within legitimate sites that pose a threat or violate the organization’s policy. Predefined keyword lists are provided, and custom lists can be imported. Additionally, triggers can be set to immediately email administrators upon detection of high risk or suspicious words.


YouTube Management Suite

YouTube has become very popular with countless organizations and provides many resources for internal and research purposes. iboss SWG Web Security offers a comprehensive suite of options to manage this access. It’s designed to both prevent unwanted activity by select users and preserve network resources. These advanced YouTube management controls maintain the correct level of access based on an organization’s needs.

Clean YouTube Content Management

Powerful YouTube content management enables organizations to strip comments, ads, and unrelated videos dynamically and directly from YouTube search results. This blocks inappropriate comments and unwanted material.

Clean YouTube Content Managemet


GoLive! Campus

This provides a cloud-based YouTube media library, allowing organizations and their delegated administrators to search YouTube directly from the GoLive interface. This provides organizations the ability to select only qualified videos to collaborate with users who do not have direct access to YouTube. Click here for more information.


YouTube for Schools Integration

YouTube for Schools (www.youtube.com/schools) is a YouTube service that redirects access for users to an administrator-controlled YouTube library. iboss provides easy integration in just one click. Simply copy the YouTube provided key for the selected groups and redirect is enforced. No advanced configurations required.

HTTPS YouTube Management

Utilizing advanced algorithms and signatures, administrators can quickly and effectively block SSL access to YouTube without affecting Google Docs or other Google services. No advanced configuration is required..

HTTPS YouTube Management

Expanded Security for Google Services — iboss Clean Image and Translation Filtering

Google is a growing part of the daily operations for many organizations. Services such as Google Images and Translation provide needed access for research and productivity. Due to the caching of these services by Google, organizations are now forced to rely on Google Safe Search to enforce the AUP. This often proves difficult, however, and forces organizations to remove access to these services. Thanks to features such as Clean Image Search and Translation Filtering, iboss Web Filter provides expanded security for Google services like Images and Translation. This is achieved by iboss scanning content and applying the authenticated users specific-access policy against the search results and stripping restricted content directly from the search results — something safe search misses!

BYOD Management

Mobile Devices Usage Bring Your Own Device/Technology (BYOD/T) is one of the fastest moving sectors oftechnology. BYOD allows organizations to increase technology without increasing budgets and simultaneously increase productivity. With the benefits BYOD also come concerns and pain points.

iboss SWG Web Security's integrated BYOD Management suite provides network administrators the tools to ensure BYOD access filtered from malware, botnets, DLP while ensuring bandwidth on the BYOD network does not affect mission critical traffic. To properly identify BYOD users on networks not utilizing a NAC, iboss SWG Web Security provides a captive portal which automatically binds to a network directory or LDAP and applies the directory group based policies allowing users consistent web access whether on a wired or wireless device. Advanced application controls and the iboss High Risk Auto Quarantine automatically lock user devices when high risk activity such as illegal file downloading or annonymizer use is detected. The BYOD Management suite is included in all iboss SWG Web Security Solutions to secure the wired and wireless networks.

BYOD Management Graphic

Common Concerns and Pain Points:

  • Extending the organizations AUP to BYOD devices
  • Securing against known and unknown threats such as Malware, Botnets, and DLP
  • Exhausting network resources – Is there enough bandwidth?
  • Legal Issues - Preventing against illegal file downloading on the wireless network
  • Directory integration – Identifying BYOD users by name vs. IP

iboss SWG Web Security BYOD Benefits:

  • Extend compliance and AUP to BYOD devices
  • Scan and filter known and unknown threats including Malware, Botnets, and DLP
  • BYOD bandwidth throttling and QoS to insure mission critical traffic remains uninterrupted
  • BYOD directory integration and binding across Active Directory, eDirectory, Open Directory, LDAP
  • High Risk User Auto Quarantine – Automatically locks users attempting to illegally activity such as music and file downloading

    Single Appliance Allows Dual Segmented Lines

    BYOD Management Graphic

    Customizable Captive Portal Window

    Customizable Captive Portal Window

Network Reporter and Log Management

Powerful Network InsightPowerful Network Insight

Compliance and reporting requirements create a need to store Internet and user activity logs for extended periods. In addition, dynamic access to this data is required to identify and resolve obscure threats lurking in the logs. Reliance on static reports and logs creates difficult, time-consuming searches.
By proactively indexing and archiving network data as it is developed, iboss SWG Reporter and Log Management provide administrators instant access to detailed user information regardless of whether it occurred yesterday or a year ago. These tools give network administrators instant insight on user activity, threats, and the consumers using the network’s resources. Gone are the days of cumbersome reporting!



iboss Reports


Forensic Level Access

The need for dynamic access for data becomes a growing concern for organizations as static report generation does not provide the flexibility to compare and contrast information in a reasonable time frame. iboss SWG Reporter provides dynamic indexing of data and sorts it into a drill down archive. This provides access to all events for the day, with the ability to instantly jump to compare throughout the year.



iboss Reports




Drill Down Access Reporting

With the powerful indexing features of the iboss SWG Reporter, access to any and all events are provided through a dynamic drill-down interface that reveals user details. This dynamic access creates new ways on how network activity can be used. Instantly create analytical comparisons between date ranges for bandwidth or user activity, identify trends brewing on the network, or utilize for forensic style investigations.





iboss Reports



Ensure Compliance with Packet Level Detail

SWG Threat and Event Reporter expands network insight to provide packet level detail tracking violations, threat and bandwidth GeoMapping, data loss, intrusion , and bandwidth consumption. Easily view activity and violations from entire groups to individual users. User based reports detail all port, application, and IP accesses to and from the network. Detailed graphs and heat maps provide information on user and traffic allowing network administrators to adjust network layouts, customize ?filtering, and identify risk before they become a problem. This is essential to for compliance as well as mitigating threats.




iboss Report Web Hits By Category


Web Usage Reporting and Statistics with Drill-Down Details

This reports web usage and statistics such as bandwidth activity, web category usage, top visited domains, top blocked domains, and last visited sites — all with drill down details. This information is provided down to the user.


Quality of Service / Bandwidth Management

iboss Bandwidth Management delivers control and visibility of network traffic. Flexible policies can be applied to throttle non-critical traffic during peak hours while ensuring network critical access is retained. With real-time bandwidth logs and comprehensive data reports, IT can identify areas of bandwidth usage. Advanced controls allow policies to be set by predefined categories, domain, IP, or TCP/UDP, and then applied to different groups. This provides seamless, simple management

iboss Quality of Service

Shaping - Guarantees bandwidth for key latency-sensitive applications while controlling recreational applications.

MRTG Reporting - Gains instant insight on current bandwidth usage including real time top bandwidth consumers, web hit activity, and URL accesses.

Detailed Bandwidth Logs - Provide drill down information on upstream, downstream, total bandwidth by user, groups, IP, and Mac.

Simple Management - Offers flexible options that allow control of network activity:

  • Choose from over 60 predefined categories (i.e. audio/video, games)
  • Domain, IP, or TCP/UDP.
  • Granular control allows applying policies to Active Directory/EDirectory users or groups.

The iboss has an advanced QoS engine enabling throttling of bandwidth based on user, group, domain or website category. Where traditional QoS uses simple IP headers and TCP/UDP ports, the iboss qualifies the type of stream and applies the QoS rule based on its type. This results in the iboss having the ability to discriminate traffic and selectively throttle even if the traffic is using the same ports as non-throttled traffic.

Recover Bandwidth from Audio & Video Sites

Throttling allows you to recover lost bandwidth used on audio and video sites without having to completely block out audio and video sites altogether. You can set a maximum amount of bandwidth that is reasonable to these sites, based on total bandwidth available to other applications.


Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Compliance Ready Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Issue: Your network is expanding its use of mobile devices including iPads and Andriods. The need for devices to meet regulatory compliance such as CIPA, HIPAA, PCI, and FISMA is eroding the effectiveness of traditional MDM. The necessity for these devices to be directory aware, secure against data loss, identify and mitigate Malware and provide compliance ready reports are simply not found in traditional MDM offerings.
Solution: MobileEther EMM provides all key benefits of traditional MDM but expands security to encompass HTTP/S web filtering, intrusion detection and prevention, data loss protection, Malware security, email security and compliance ready reporting. The MobileEther EMM security suite ensures mobile devices meet regulatory compliance and acceptable use policies. Simple integration with over-the-air deployment combined with compressive security suite reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). MobileEther EMM extends mobile device security where MDM leave off.

Compliance Ready MDM
Key Compliance Benefits: CIPA, HIPAA, PCI, SOX, and FISMA

  • - Provide HTTP/S web filtering with flexible user access and directory integration.
  • - Identify and secure unencrypted sensitive data transmissions including credit card information or social security numbers and provide detailed reports.
  • - Scan traffic for embedded threats including malware, botnets, new and unknown threats to prevent exploits.
  • - Sophisticated signature and heuristic based intrusion prevention and detection identify threats and anomalies protecting network and optimizing resources.
  • - Cloud based email security scans emails including attachments for viruses, malware, data loss, and protect against DoS attacks.
  • MobileEther EMM Feature Overview:
  • Directory Based User Authentication
  • User Authorization
  • User and Device Activity Reporting
  • Central Console to Manage Filtering and Reporting
  • Create Shared Content Apps for Organization
  • Volume Purchasing Program Management
  • Allow Delegates to Push Content to Other Organization Devices
  • Custom App Creation
  • Secure Sensitive Documents on Devices
  • Dynamically Filter Apple App Store by Rating/Age/Type
  • Geomap Device Locations on Live Map
  • Scan, Wipe, Push Apps
  • Manage App Delivery, Security, Updating
  • Push Services
  • SWG 360 EMM Security Suite Feature Overview:
  • Cloud Based HTTP/S Filtering
  • Intrusion Detection/Protection
  • Data Loss Protection
  • Malware and botnet defense
  • Email Security
  • Threat and Event Reporting
  • Threat and Resource GeoMapping Technology
  • Packet Level Heat Map Technology


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