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Our Company:

Layer 3 Technologies, understands the challenges that businesses face. Here at Layer 3 we think of your network as a puzzle. We have the right pieces to make your network complete. Our focus is consulting with our customers first, recommending solutions, and then helping our customers implement them. We carry a wide range of solutions including Wan acceleration, Deep Packet Inspection, Data Storage, and Security. We have everything you need to make your puzzle complete.

Our Mission:

Fitting our clients with the right solution for all of their networking needs.

We know that every client has specific needs and that no two networks are the same. If you look at your network as a puzzle, think of Layer 3 as holding the right pieces. We understand that by providing a consultative approach that is vendor neutral, is the only way to truly provide the right pieces for your puzzle. We'll provide the complete solution by reducing your overall IT costs and start making your Net-Work more for you. Let us work on your puzzle…you work on your business!

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Layer 3 Technologies, Inc.
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