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Allot’s bandwidth consumption solutions are based on its proprietary Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology (DART) - which provides a multi-layered approach to traffic management. DART integrates Allot’s vast experience and expertise in IP traffic inspection, classification and policy enforcement into a highly efficient methodology for managing bandwidth consumption and service performance in mobile and fixed broadband networks. DART is at the core of Allot’s intelligent IP service optimization solutions, which play a key role in helping service providers to ensure that network costs do not outpace revenue growth, and that the data-usage needs and expectations of all subscribers are met.

Educational institutions increasingly find Themselves in the role of Internet Service Providers, delivering a wide range of network services to a diverse population of students, faculty and staff. Broadband connections provided to students as standard practice result in proliferation of bandwidth-consuming applications for recreational sharing of music and video. Instruction is evolving from a face-to-face experience to “any time, any place” learning, with voice and video quality requirements approximating the classroom environment. These activities in turn compete for network resources with other time-critical applications such as managing course registrations, processing tuition payments, and supporting faculty research. As service providers, colleges are challenged to deliver a consistent, high quality experience to all their users while minimizing investments in new network infrastructure.

  • NetEnforcer AC-500 

  • NetEnforcer AC-1400 

  • NetEnforcer AC-3000 

  • NetEnforcer AC-6000 

  • Service Gateway Sigma E

  •    Subscriber Management Platform 

  •     Media Swift     

  •    Service Protector   

  •     Websafe    

  •  Net Policy Provisioner 

Description: Allot NetEnforcer AC-3000


Main Features

  • 8 x 1GE ports for network connectivity, and 10GE/1GE Dual mode
  • IPv4/IPv6 stack subscriber support for flexible network configuration
  • Scalable throughput ranging from 2 to 8Gbps full duplex
  • Real-time monitoring and QoS policy enforcement for up to 5 million concurrent IP flows
  • Supports User-Defined Signatures based on HTTP attributes, as well as monitoring reports based on custom HTTP signatures
  • Policy Based Traffic steering to external network & subscriber services
  • Powered by Allot’s Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology (DART)
  • DART's extensive signature library accurately identifies hundreds of Internet applications and protocols, including P2P, VoIP, video, streaming, gaming, instant messaging, web and business applications
  • Automated, web-based update of protocol/signature library
  • Proactive alarms
  • Fail-safe performance with external bypass
  • Centralized Allot NetXplorer management
  • Full Integration with network & subscriber services
    • Allot SMP Subscriber Management and subscriber-application control.
    • Allot WebSafe URL filtering solutions.
    • Allot MediaSwift Video acceleration & P2P caching solutions.
    • Allot Service Protector for botnet and DDoS detection and mitigation.


The power to optimize, monetize and personalize fixed and mobile broadband services


Allot Service Gateway Sigma E is Allot's
newest series of carrier-grade, highly scalable
DPI-based platforms for broadband optimization
and revenue generation in fixed and mobile
networks. It provides built in compatibility with
3G, 4G/LTE and converged network environments.

Description: Allot Service Gateway Sigma E Series


Main Features 

  • Up to 8 x 10GE interfaces
  • Up to 16 x 1GE interfaces
  • 2 Chassis 6 bay and 14
  • Scales to 60Gbps throughput
  • Clustered configurations scale to 360Gbps throughput
  • Granular traffic visibility (per application, subscriber, network topology)                  
  • Dynamic policy control
  • Fair use traffic management
  • Asymmetric traffic control
  • Service Provisioning
  • Intelligent traffic steering to value-added network & subscriber services.


  • Control costs through efficient traffic management
  • Increase profitability with fully integrated network and subscriber services
  • Generate revenue from OTT services through intelligent online charging
  • Ensure QoE for all services, including over-the-top
  • Leverage actionable network intelligence from traffic statistics per application, subscriber, content, and network location
  • Reduce deployment complexity and time-to-market with a high-capacity, single-chassis services platform
  • Protect investment in infrastructure and pay as you grow with an open, modular, standards-based solution



Subscriber Management Platform

Building Intelligent, Subscriber-Aware Networks

Understanding subscriber behavior is the first step to identifying revenue opportunities and creating profitable service plans. Allot Subscriber Management Platform (SMP) brings subscriber awareness to Allot solutions, enabling the centralized creation, provisioning and management of per-subscriber policy, quota, tiered and value-added services, which are the key to customizing
fixed and mobile broadband offerings and maximizing ARPU. The system scales to support solutions up to 30 million of subscribers.

Main Features

  • Monitor all application, subscriber and network topology traffic from a central vantage point
  • Gain valuable network intelligence for effective capacity and service planning
  • Detect problems in real-time and proactively troubleshoot
  • Provision flexible QoS policy rules with ease
  • Create and deploy competitive subscriber service plans quickly
  • Accurately meter traffic for enriched billing and quota purposes
  • Support OSS/BSS/Provisioning/Analysis systems with granular traffic data


Allot MediaSwift Video Acceleration and P2P Caching

Enhance the Video Viewing of your Broadband Subscribers

Allot MediaSwift is a carrier-class media caching and video acceleration service designed to enhance
subscriber QoE and dramatically reduce operational costs associated with the delivery of popular Internet
video and P2P traffic. This value-added service is fully integrated with Allot Service Gateway Sigma and
next-generation Allot NetEnforcer devices, which steer relevant subscriber traffic to the caching service. With
simultaneous HTTP and P2P caching, Allot MediaSwift provides a single solution to accelerate the
delivery of streaming video content. Its intelligent caching mechanism focuses on large media/video files
that consume the most bandwidth, and stores them for fast retrieval based on content popularity, frequency
of use, cost of bandwidth, and infrastructure efficiency. Its scalable architecture supports caching on 1GE
and 10GE links and provides up to 36 terabytes of storage with no single point of failure.


  • Accelerate content delivery to ensure smooth video viewing without interrupts or buffering delays
  • Reduce bandwidth use and costs on peering and transit links as P2P downloads and Internet video sessions are served more
    frequently by local cache rather than out-of-network Internet servers
  • Reduce churn by providing reliable quality of experience (QoE) for over-the-top video services
  • Create new revenue opportunities through premium broadband service packages designed especially for Internet video and
    P2P consumers.


Allot ServiceProtector

DDoS Protection and Blacklist Prevention to ensure service continuity

Allot ServiceProtector is a system for defense against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, prevention of outbound spam and for containment and clean-up of infected botnet hosts. ServiceProtector Sensor and Mitigation functions are embedded within Allot Service Gateway platforms and Allot NetEnforcer devices to protect your service networks against growing threats from:
  • Get DDoS Protection with Allot ServiceProtectorDoS/DDoS attacks against critical network infrastructure
  • DoS/DDoS attacks against customer web services
  • Zero Day attacks
  • Anomalous traffic impacting network and service performance
  • Anomalous behavior such as spamming, worm propagation, botnet attacks
  • Malicious subscriber activity such as probing and flooding
Within seconds, Allot ServiceProtector detects traffic anomalies and performs fast, surgical mitigation by blocking, limiting or isolating offending traffic while allowing legitimate traffic to flow. Allot ServiceProtector employs state-of-the-art Network and Host Behavior Anomaly Detection (NBAD, HBAD) technologies to identify and neutralize security threats before their activity disrupts your broadband service.

  • Protect performance and enhance network integrity
  • Protect infrastructure on which revenue-generating network services and applications are based
  • Protect brand image
  • Avoid blacklisting caused by outgoing spam
  • Reduce call center complaints
  • Manage international bandwidth costs
  • Help subscribers get rid of bot infections
  • Create new revenue streams from DoS/DDoS protection services for online enterprises and businesses


Allot WebSafe: URL Filtering Solution

Give Your Subscribers a Safer Internet Experience

Allot WebSafe is a carrier-class URL filtering service designed to prevent access to illegal URLs at the network level, enabling fixed and mobile service providers to fulfill consumer demands for a safer and more protected Internet environment. This highly accurate service uses a frequently-updated URL blacklist to block access to specific websites and individual webpages. Enforcement capabilities also include displaying a customized warning page or redirecting subscribers to a captive portal. Allot WebSafe is fully integrated with Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), who provide an official blacklist with frequent online updates. The service is designed for easy integration with any regulatory body. Allot WebSafe is a licensable service within Allot Service Gateway and next-generation Allot NetEnforcer devices. No additional hardware is required.


  • Provide a safer Internet experience
  • Strengthen your brand image and improve customer loyalty
  • Comply with emerging regulations and regulatory bodies
  • Create new revenue opportunities through inclusion in premium broadband service packages designed especially
    for concerned consumers


Allot NetPolicy Provisioner: Network Policy Control and Management

Self-Management Service for Your Broadband Customers

Allot NetPolicy Provisioner (NPP) creates an opportunity for broadband operators to provide a “virtual bandwidth management device” to their corporate VPN, downstream ISPs and managed services customers. This high-quality, self-provisioning service generates strong customer satisfaction and adds value by giving business customers a granular view of their own bandwidth consumption. Through its user-friendly GUI, customers gain secure access to a predefined set of Allot NetXplorer real-time monitoring reports with full display options and drill-down capabilities. If desired, the provider may also permit customers to provision and adjust QoS policies within predefined limits. Allot NetPolicy Provisioner is a licensable add-on service within the Allot NetXplorer Management system for Allot Service Gateway Sigma and Allot NetEnforcer devices.


  • Increase revenues through new self-management policy control services
  • Increase customer loyalty and trust by providing tools to monitor and manage their own consumption
  • Reduce customer complaints regarding SLA compliance by providing a transparent view of bandwidth usage




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