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Powerful SAN Storage Solutions

Every Cybernetics iSCSI SAN storage solution, from the entry-level miSAN® D Series SAN storage to the top-of-the-line iSAN® D Series SAN storage, offers exceptional performance and functionality. The popular miSAN® iSCSI SAN storage can store up to 72 TB per module and delivers transfer rates of 500 MB/s and 150,000 IOPS, while iSAN iSCSI SAN storage, also storing up to 72 TB, delivers an impressive 1.2 GB/s throughput – and 400,000 IOPS. Both units can support eight expansion modules for SAN storage capacity of up to 576 TB and both models have the horsepower to handle the most demanding applications. 

Big Storage Features without the Big Storage Cost

With Cybernetics' SANDR Technology, both miSAN and iSAN® iSCSI SAN network storage solutions thoroughly protect your valuable data from every threat -- all without a dedicated backup server and without expensive third party software. Not only do miSAN® D Series and iSAN® D Series SAN storage provide terabytes of reliable, high performance "live" network storage, they also include built in snapshot backup, portable disk backup to USB or eSATA disk, tape backup, encrypted, deduplicated WAN replication – and a high availability SAN storage solution with no single point of failure.

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The entry-level Virtual Tape Library, the miSAN® V Series disk based backup, combines the incredible speed of disk based backup with the security of removable tape archives. Using familiar Ethernet components, the miSAN V Series provides enterprise-wide access up to 72 TB (up to 144 TB with data compression) for centralized backup and restore – at 500 MB/s.  Once installed, you can automate the virtual tape library to run for days, weeks, or months  without operator intervention; even run multiple data backup jobs concurrently to independent logical libraries within the virtual tape library. Restore from disk is almost instantaneous. With serverless offload to removable tape, using an integrated or external tape drive, the V Series SAN Virtual Tape Library delivers the best of disk and tape technologies in one solution for unbeatable performance and data protection.

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This iSAN® V Series Virtual Tape Library is powerful, enterprise class backup appliance delivering up to 72 TB capacity (up to 144 TB with data compression) in just 3U, or 4U of rack space. Utilizing your existing software, it consolidates backup across any mix of operating systems, including legacy SCSI and SAS host systems. Writing in parallel data streams to up to 16 virtual tape drives simultaneous - with performance of up to 1.2 GB/s – the iSAN® V Series is the ideal choice for the most demanding backup applications.

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