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The Next Generation NAC
Network Access Control for the Way Your Students Connect

Safe•Connect is an essential security solution for protecting your network and the students and systems you're bringing together. As the industry's next generation NAC, Safe•Connect is fundamentally different from previous approaches in terms of its operation, functionality, and integration with the network. The primary premise of the solution is to manage the security condition of who and what are on the network. Safe•Connect does this without having to change the existing network design or the configuration settings.

Previous generations of NAC required extensive and time-consuming integration with every switch port on the network. This approach subsequently placed significant restrictions on the operation and management of the network. The result was an increased burden on support which undermined the original intention of NAC being hands-off security protection.

Safe•Connect takes an entirely different approach by remaining independent of the network and yet provides the essential security of user authentication, device identify, posture assessment, policy enforcement, and remediation services.
The advantage of this non-intrusive approach is a system that easy to manage and provides a simple automated user experience.

It Starts With the User Experience

Safe•Connect was expressly built for the Education environment. We have remained true to meeting the unique needs that schools encounter and this particularly true of ensuring that the user experience is easy and intuitive. To accomplish this Safe•Connect incorporates exclusive features such as real-time policy assessment,
I-LAN Layer2 isolation technology, and remote monitoring/update services.

The System is Easy to Manage

Safe•Connect is incredibly easy to install. We routinely install a system in less than an hour and without having to come on site. But easy and simple don't imply reduced functionality.

A real-time Web-based dashboard interface enables administrators or help desk personnel to view the security status of user devices for the entire enterprise or by specific user group. Automate and enforce security compliance policies across the board; or employ "on-the-fly" decisions to allow or decline access, or resolve quarantine and help desk questions.

We've Got Mobile Device Policy Management Covered

Safe•Connect is built to provide seamless controls across wired, wireless and VPN connections. However, as wireless networks become more pervasive so do the number and diversity of the devices on the network. Safe•Connect provides a variety of options to identify, assess and manages these mobile connections. This includes Single Sign-on (SSO) automated authentication, 802.1x–WPA2 on-ramping and integration with leading wireless solutions.

Device Profiling is Not Your Worry

Updates of new operating systems, security software applications (i.e. antivirus), and devices are delivered to our customers within 48 hours of their official release date. Legacy NAC products are unable to deliver this level of service.

Flexible Enforcement Options

You select and use only the policy modules and enforcement options needed to satisfy the requirements of your specific security plan. Administrators can implement any or all policy modules standard to the Safe•Connect solution. Custom policies can also be easily created based on the existence or non-existence of file types, registry settings, services, and processes on endpoint devices.

Guest Management

Pre-assign guest access credentials by adding the guest user to a designated guest authentication server (AD, LDAP, RADIUS, 3rd party database,
etc.) or create the credentials via the delegated Safe•Connect Guest Access Management Portal
by authorized IT or non-IT personnel. Safe•Connect also can issue restricted guest access (for example, Internet-only) privileges without credentials via the guest user button or can allow self-provisioning by the guest user who identifies themselves and chooses their own user name and login credentials.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) File Sharing and HEOA Compliance

For schools seeking help with HEOA compliance, Safe•Connect provides a comprehensive resolution for P2P file sharing concerns. Safe•Connect can play a strategic role in your response to the following HEOA mandates:
 An annual disclosure to students describing copyright law and campus policies related to violating copyright law.
 A plan to "effectively combat the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials" by users of its network, including "the use of one or more technology-based deterrents".
 A plan to "offer authorized alternatives to illegal downloading".

Maintenance and Remote Monitoring/Update Service

Safe•Connect includes a comprehensive hardware/software maintenance program. This includes 24x7 technical support, overnight hardware replacement, and free software/hardware upgrades with problem determination and resolution support. Plus Impulse Point provides the industry's only NAC system monitoring and update service with standard maintenance. Our technical staff continuously monitors the health of the system and will take proactive corrective action if a problem is detected. This service also includes updates on device profiling, remediation resources, and new version releases in addition to daily back-up of the policy configuration (which allows for the system to be restored if needed.)


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