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WAN Optimization

Steelhead XX50s

Accelerating Applications for the Global Workforce

Riverbed Steelhead products accelerate application performance and data transfer over the wide area network (WAN), overcoming bandwidth and geographical limitations to improve productivity and enable global collaboration. With Riverbed, file transfers that once took hours or minutes, now take minutes or seconds.
Workers today need access to information wherever and whenever they work – whether at corporate headquarters, a branch office on another continent or on-site with a customer. The demand for anywhere / anytime access to data puts tremendous strain on IT to deliver an increasing number of applications over the WAN.
Riverbed’s award-winning WAN optimization solutions strategically enable IT to centralize and reduce operational overhead and expense, while improving end-user satisfaction. Riverbed’s products have been proven in some of the most demanding and complex networks in the world, with thousands of customers deploying Steelhead WAN optimization solutions.


  • Accelerate the broad range of applications businesses care about most, including file sharing (CIFS and NFS), Exchange (MAPI), Lotus Notes, web (HTTP- and HTTPS-based applications), database (MS SQL and Oracle), and disaster recovery (EMC SRDF and FCIP) applications, using a range of application protocol-specific features that are unique to Riverbed
  • Enable the consolidation of file, email, and application servers from remote branches to reduce costs and complexity — without sacrificing performance
  • Cut bandwidth usage, typically by 60- 95 percent, allowing you to defer expensive upgrades
  • Offer real-time visibility into application and WAN performance, so you can use applications and resources more efficiently and effectively
  • Optimize performance while maintaining security to help you meet audit, compliance regulations, and other security requirements
  • Deploy in minutes without changes to applications, users, routers, or IT infrastructure
  • Integrate easily and seamlessly into the most complex environments
  • Scale to hundreds of sites with any-to-any connectivity; support tens of thousands of users on one device

With Riverbed Virtual Steelhead appliances, WAN optimization now extends to deployments where physical hardware may not be conveniently suited. Military deployments typically use ruggedized custom hardware, on which running a virtual machine is more convenient. Space-limited scenarios, such as mobile news vans or construction trailers may also require a form factor that is free from the physical limitations of hardware appliances.
The Virtual Steelhead appliance can be managed by industry standard virtualization tools such that it fits seamlessly into fully virtualized data center environments, where interoperability with existing management infrastructure is a must have. While targeted specifically for the above mentioned scenarios, Virtual Steelhead appliances can also be deployed as a cluster in order to scale to data center environments.


The Riverbed® Services Platform (RSP) provides customers with the capability to run up to five additional services and applications virtually on VMware in a protected partition on the Steelhead® xx50 and some xx20 appliances. RSP allows customers to deploy local services in all of their branch offices without the need to deploy and maintain standalone servers to run the applications. Businesses benefit by eliminating the hardware needed at the branch office, enabling companies to consolidate IT operations even further, reducing costs, and simplifying administration, all while still delivering high quality local services. The combination of RSP and the WAN optimization features of Steelhead appliances create an ultra-efficient branch solution.

    Some of what makes RSP great:

    Enhanced ROI: A simple upgrade to xx50 and most xx20 appliances combines WAN optimization and branch office services onto a single appliance to offer greater overall value

    Application flexibility: Run existing virtual services or Riverbed Technology Alliance (RTA) partner packages.

    • Runs up to five virtual machines
    • Ability to add virtual disk space to packages
    • Support for iSCSI targets from a hosted windows package
    • Enhanced watchdog for higher availability
    • Runs both the Steelhead Mobile Controller (SMC-VE) or Cascade® Sensor-VE
    • Works virtually inpath
    • Supports tested applications from a wide variety of category-leading products, as well as any VMware virtual machine
Steelhead CX Appliances

Dedicated WAN Optimization for any Sized Environment

The Riverbed® Steelhead® CX series features dedicated appliances designed to provide the highest performing WAN optimization solution for any sized environment. Purpose built and singularly focused on delivering the speed, scale, and simplicity, the Steelhead CX series is powered by the Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS) to deliver LAN-like performance across the Wide Area Network (WAN). The Steelhead CX series accelerates applications and reduces bandwidth utilization to enable consolidation and allow organizations to accomplish their IT goals.

The dedicated Steelhead CX series features the Riverbed market leading WAN optimization appliances available in a wide range of sizes and form factors.  Whether deployed in an international naval unit that needs to optimize communication with a distributed fleet or an enterprise building out its private cloud, the Riverbed Steelhead CX series delivers the speed, scale, and simplicity needed in organization large and small.  Each appliance is perfect for companies looking to do more with less and gain greater performance with their existing infrastructure.

Some of what sets Steelhead CX apart is:

High Performance Hardware – The Steelhead CX series is built to accommodate the requirements of today’s intensive network operations.  The appliances feature the most robust specifications ever offered on a Steelhead appliance with more memory, CPU, connection counts, and disk (including many with SSDs).

Speed – Steelhead CX addresses performance limitations using a multi-tiered optimization approach.  Steelhead products optimize traffic using a patented application agnostic algorithm to achieve massive scale data de-duplication.  The Riverbed solution layers TCP, UDP and application protocol optimization on top of its data reduction technique to deliver a multi-tiered optimization strategy that sets the technological high bar for WAN optimization and delivers un-paralleled acceleration over the WAN.

Scalability – A universal data store provides unrivaled scalability and reduces WAN optimization storage requirements.  By avoiding per-peer storage limitations, companies can easily scale to hundreds of sites with any-to-any connectivity.  The Steelhead CX series appliances support massive throughput volume and millions of concurrent connections.  The Steelhead CX appliance enables growth and can be software upgraded between models within each form factor to provide the performance needed to stay ahead of competitors.

Simplicity – The Steelhead CX series was designed to transparently deploy in minutes without changes to applications, users, routers or other IT infrastructure.  Each appliance seamlessly provides optimization with any member of the Steelhead product family and integrates in a vast array of network environments and topologies. Ongoing management is available through the powerful web-based and command line interfaces, which provide in depth reporting and NetFlow export.

Steelhead EX Appliances

Branch Office Box with WAN Optimization and VMware-based Virtualization

The Riverbed® Steelhead® EX series is a specialized product line focused on the needs of active branch offices. Each purpose-built appliance combines WAN optimization and the VMware-based Riverbed Virtual Services Platform (VSP) to create a true enterprise-class branch office box. The Steelhead EX series offers a new approach to consolidating branch office infrastructure, enabling the fluid enterprise by simplifying branch management, reducing costs, and increasing operational agility. 

Branch service and storage consolidation for the stateless branch office

The Riverbed® Steelhead® EX series combines WAN optimization and virtualization to enable organizations to meet the needs of the active branch office with an enterprise- class branch office box. Built on VMware, the Steelhead EX series offers the performance of the award winning Riverbed Optimization Series (RiOS®) and flexibility of the Riverbed Virtual Services Platform® (VSP) for greater consolidation than ever before.  The resource-rich appliances leverage VMware architecture to run virtualized instances of an organization’s own services or take advantage of applications designed for VSP by a Riverbed Technology Alliance (RTA) partner.  Tightly integrated and designed for simplicity, the Riverbed Steelhead EX series allows fine-grained configuration of data rules allowing virtualized services to run in or out of path, all without any impact on core WAN optimization performance.  Steelhead EX series can also be upgraded to include Granite™, the virtual edge of the data center which allows end users in a branch to access and write to centralized storage over the WAN at local speeds. 

Some of what sets Steelhead EX products apart is:

Next Generation Consolidation on an Enterprise Branch Office Box: The Steelhead EX series provides a complete solution to achieve greater performance and consolidation in the branch office.  Organizations can take advantage of the flexibility of the VMware hypervisor and Riverbed WAN optimization performance to lower their operational and capital expenses by consolidating to the data center and within the branch.  Close integration allows companies to fine-tune and control performance to increase operational agility.  The result is the Steelhead EX appliance is a branch office box without compromise. 

High Performance Appliances for the Active Branch:
The Steelhead EX series is designed to support the intense workloads of the modern branch office.  Each purpose-built appliance features memory, disk, and CPU specifications to ensure that workers are more productive, while data moves faster and organizations require less bandwidth than ever before.

RiOS Performance:
Each Steelhead EX series appliance includes the same industry leading RiOS that organizations of all sizes rely upon to overcome their network and application performance challenges.  Through a combination of data reduction, TCP and UDP optimization, and application-level protocol optimization, RiOS provides the highest performing and most scalable WAN optimization solution available.

Riverbed Virtual Services Platform (VSP):
With VSP organizations can run multiple virtual instances on their Steelhead EX appliance.  Customers can consolidate multiple basic services in the branch such as print, DNS, and DHCP.  Additionally, services requiring significant computing resources such as network security and video will benefit from the robust memory and storage available in the Steelhead EX product  line.  Tightly integrated and intelligently designed, these branch office boxes allow fine-grained configuration of data flow rules to maximize management flexibility and ensure simplicity.


Steelhead EX + Granite

Branch Office Box with WAN Optimization and VMware-based Virtualization

Riverbed® Steelhead® EX + Granite™, the virtual edge of the data center, delivers the industry’s first branch office box that enables complete server and storage consolidation. This new innovative solution combines a scalable Virtual Services Platform (VSP) with first-of-its-kind technology that enables organizations to centralize physical infrastructure while presenting data and applications at the edge as if they were local.

Riverbed® Steelhead® EX + Granite™ sets a new architectural standard for the modern, fluid enterprise by enabling greater consolidation and centralization with a powerful combination of the Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS) for WAN optimization, the Riverbed Virtual Services Platform (VSP) featuring a VMware-based virtualization hypervisor, and Granite edge virtual server infrastructure (Edge-VSI). Steelhead EX + Granite enable consolidation of servers, and applications in the branch with storage managed centrally in the data center.  A single appliance in the branch office enables IT departments to implement a more fluid architecture where performance is accelerated regardless of location. Management is simplified through use of industry standard virtualization technology and performance is ensured through unique and innovative technology only available from Riverbed.

Some of what sets Steelhead EX + Granite apart includes:

Industry-leading WAN optimization – Steelhead appliances speed application performance and data transfer over the wide area network  (WAN), overcoming bandwidth and latency problems to deliver the highest performance available on the market today.  The Riverbed solution addresses performance limitations using a multi-tiered approach including TCP optimization, application protocol acceleration, and data reduction to deliver unparalleled performance over the WAN.

Virtual Services Platform – Riverbed helps organizations drive further infrastructure consolidation by providing a revolutionary Virtual Services Platform (VSP) that leverages the industry-leading VMware hypervisor to host multiple virtual services or applications running in the branch. VSP eliminates the need for dedicated servers in the branch office enabling organizations to reduce complexity, cut costs, and simplify management, while simultaneously delivering essential local services.

Edge Virtual Server Infrastructure – Granite is edge virtual server infrastructure (Edge-VSI).  Edge-VSI enables the best of all worlds: 100% consolidated data and applications that deliver LAN performance at the edge over the WAN. Granite radically reduces operational burden on IT managers while massively increasing their control over the infrastructure—all at a lower total cost of ownership.

Scenario 1:
Steelhead EX + Granite make it easy to extend iSCSI storage LUNs to the branch office while ensuring LAN-like access to data over the WAN.


Scenario 2:
In the branch office, Granite Edge provides access to data center storage as though it were a local block-level storage device.


Accelerate Branch Access to Data Center Storage Area Networks

Riverbed® Granite™ is edge virtual server infrastructure (Edge-VSI). Granite radically reduces operational burden on IT managers while
massively increasing their control over the infrastructure—all at a lower total cost of ownership. Granite is the innovation that enables an
architectural disruption known as Edge Virtual Server Infrastructure (Edge-VSI). Edge-VSI enables the best of all worlds: 100% consolidated
data and applications that deliver LAN performance at the edge over the WAN

in the past, data centers and edge offices were managed through separate operational processes, procedures and infrastructures. Granite bridges the gap between the data center and global offices at the edge, allowing for seamless integration between data center and globally distributed operations. Granite introduces a new architectural approach that does for edge servers outside of the data center what virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) did for desktops:  allow IT to consolidate and manage all edge servers in the data center.  Granite does what was previously thought impossible:  it allows storage to be decoupled from its server over thousands of miles of distance—and actually work as if the storage were local to the server.  End users in edge locations get uncompromised performance, while IT management is able to manage, backup, provision, patch, expand, and protect the data all within the four walls of the data center.

Complete Server and Storage Consolidation – Certain business applications still require local servers and storage to meet the performance requirements of end users. With Granite, IT can successfully separate branch computing from data storage eliminating the need to purchase and support servers and storage traditionally hosted in branch offices for performance reasons.Users and applications in the branch experience local performance while data is consolidated securely in a central location.

SAN over the WAN  – With Granite, storage administrators can extend a data center SAN to a remote location, even over a low bandwidth link. Granite delivers business agility, enabling companies to effectively deliver global storage infrastructure anywhere it is needed.

Riverbed Granite provides the following capabilities:

  • Innovative block-storage optimization ensures that that data is centrally managed yet always available to support business operations in the branch even in the event of a WAN outage
  • A local authoritative cache ensures LAN-speed reads and fast cold writes at the branch
  • Integration with Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service enables consistent point-in-time data snapshots and seamless integration with backup applications
  • Integration with industry-standard Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) authenticates users and hosts
  • A secure vault protects sensitive information using AES 256-bit encryption
  • Leverages solid state disks (SSDs) to guarantee data durability and performance
  • An active-active high availability (HA) deployment option for Granite ensures LUN availability for remote sites
  • Easy to use wizard configuration automates and simplifies setup
  • Customizable reports provide visibility to key utilization, performance, and diagnostic information
Steelhead Mobile

Faster application performance and better support for mobile workers.

"Documents that used to take 20 minutes to download from the SharePoint portal now take 10-30 seconds depending on location. With 75 times faster document access, it’s no surprise to see that general managers are adopting the SharePoint portal over faxing documents back and forth. For the company, it means that we’re now all communicating in real time and delivering the most up-to-date products and services to the customer."
—Steven Farley, Director of Information Systems and Operations, Einstein Noah Restaurant Group

With Steelhead® Mobile client software, companies of any size can give mobile workers LAN-like access to corporate files and applications no matter where they are in the world. Steelhead Mobile overcomes the challenges that plague mobile workers, including variable locations, inconsistent links, and high-latency environments, and it does so seamlessly and transparently. The result? Higher productivity and more efficient operations, access, and performance anywhere.

Steelhead Mobile from Riverbed®:

  • Improves performance without burdening users. Steelhead Mobile operates through a simple software package installed on laptops or desktops. That means users don’t need to learn new technologies, change existing processes, or find new ways to collaborate. The only difference they’ll see is much faster performance — their applications, including Oracle E-Business Suite, Lotus Notes, and Microsoft Exchange, will run 8-100 times faster.
  • Speeds web-based applications by 20-60 times. Steelhead Mobile is built with the same Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS®) software that powers the Steelhead appliance, and provides the same optimizations and benefits that dramatically improve performance and minimizes bandwidth utilization.  This consistency allows organizations to implement a single solution for branch office and mobile workers for web applications that rely on HTTP and HTTPS. Business-critical applications (such as SharePoint, intranet portals, and web-based document management systems) and web-enabled ERP and CRM applications (such as SAP NetWeaver, JD Edwards, and Siebel) are all accelerated up to 60 times faster.
  • Accelerates Windows 7 and 64-bit systems. A Microsoft-signed filter driver brings all the benefits of Steelhead Mobile to Windows 7 and 64-bit systems. Organizations can now improve the performance of Microsoft’s entire catalog of operating systems and 64-bit systems that are required by memory and data intensive applications like Revit.
  • Delivers “warm” performance regardless of location. Branch warming allows mobile and branch office users to share optimized data and experience even greater overall acceleration. Mobile workers can reap all the benefits of Steelhead optimization.
  • Lowers costs. Steelhead Mobile reduces bandwidth use by 85-99 percent, cutting data charges that can be particularly costly for users connecting over data cards and satellite links.
  • Deploys quickly and easily. Steelhead Mobile interacts directly with any Steelhead appliance to provide optimization.  IT managers don't need to make any changes to routers, VPN infrastructure, SSL/HTTPS servers, or any other key technologies.

  • Provides custom configuration capabilities. Using the Steelhead Mobile Controller, IT administrators can control the configuration policies that determine what optimizations take place per user or groups of users. They can also give users access to Steelhead Mobile-related information, or make Steelhead Mobile completely invisible. And they can manage Steelhead Mobile remotely from the Steelhead Mobile Controller.
Central Management Console

Centralized configuration, monitoring and control.

"Thanks to the Riverbed CMC, we can now have a real-time view of our data and global visibility of Raiffeisen operations."
—Dr. Peter Werth, Director, Raiffeisen Bank

The Riverbed® Central Management Console (CMC) simplifies the process of deploying and managing Steelhead® products that are distributed across a WAN. With this turnkey solution, you can easily configure, monitor, report on, and upgrade groups of Steelhead appliances from Riverbed and Virtual Steelhead™ — all through one web-based interface.


Riverbed offers customers the choice of two different delivery models for the CMC:

Hardware Appliance: The CMC 8150 simplifies the process of deploying, configuring, and managing Steelhead appliances. With just a few clicks, administrators are in full control of up to 2,000 Steelhead appliances or Virtual Steelheads.  Deploying, configuring, updating, and monitoring are all done through one web-based interface.

Virtual Appliance: The CMC-VE is a software-only version of the CMC that provides the full range of capabilities but is designed to run as a virtualized service on VMware platforms in private cloud environments. This enables customers and service providers to deploy the CMC-VE cost effectively and efficiently scale the administration, reducing the total cost of ownership of WAN optimization in the enterprise. The virtual platform also provides flexible migration of virtual machines between hardware platforms and high-availability features for increased fault tolerance.

Steelhead Cloud Accelerator

Accelerated Performance from SaaS Applications for Higher End User Productivity.

This unique solution from market leaders Riverbed and Akamai allows customers to reap these benefits with minimal infrastructure changes.

Steelhead Cloud Accelerator is used by organizations of all sizes to improve application performance and to manage the delivery of business-critical data and content from a SaaS provider’s public cloud infrastructure. With Steelhead Cloud Accelerator, customers are now able to extend the same performance benefits that they’ve enjoyed for their centralized enterprise applications, to SaaS products such as Salesforce.com, Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps.

S companies place greater importance on software as a service (SaaS) products like Salesforce.com and Office 365, these applications become a key component of corporate business strategy, productivity and employee collaboration. As such, the capability and flexibility of enterprise infrastructure becomes mission critical but, uniquely with these Internet based services, enterprises now must also consider the public Internet as an extension of this infrastructure. In this new SaaS use case, enterprises are forced to tackle the new challenge of “hybrid network” cloud computing.
The reliance of enterprises and organizations on this hybrid cloud solution amplifies application bottlenecks; specifically network latency, handling data loads, and overcoming protocol inefficiencies. These key obstacles for delivering application performance and productivity must be addressed if SaaS is going to provide the ROI that is has promised. Moving the origin of the application onto the public internet (the SaaS provider’s origin) puts enterprise end users who work at the datacenter, branch offices and other remote locations even farther away from their data and applications.
To solve this problem, Riverbed and Akamai have partnered to deliver the Steelhead Cloud Accelerator, a solution that combines the best of breed in public internet optimization with the best of breed in private wide area network (WAN) optimization
Integrating Akamai’s globally distributed Intelligent Platform, which optimizes traffic across the public internet, with Riverbed award winning RiOS® (Riverbed Optimization System) technology to accelerate the associated data and application protocols, the Steelhead Cloud Accelerator delivers optimized performance for SaaS applications regardless of whether the end user is located at the corporate headquarters or in a geographically remote branch office. By hosting Riverbed RiOS technology on Akamai’s Edge Platform the partnered solution enables the seamless optimization of WAN and public networks, all the way to the front door of the SaaS application provider.

Some of what sets Steelhead Cloud Accelerator apart from the competition include:

Accelerate SaaS Performance. Software as a service (SaaS) applications are faced with the constraints of network latency and limited bandwidth as their data is delivered to users spread around the world. The Steelhead Cloud Accelerator accelerates public cloud services like SaaS just like it does for WAN applications.

Transparent deployment. The Steelhead Cloud Accelerator requires no configuration change on the SaaS service or on the end user’s machine and runs transparently to both, minimizing administration overhead.

Combine the best Internet optimization with the best WAN optimization. Akamai’s Sure Route technology finds the best route between the end user and the SaaS provider, often minimizing transit for data to a single network hop. This combined with Riverbed deduplication and application acceleration technology makes enterprises feel like they are hosting SaaS applications within their own data centers.

Leverage Akamai’s deployment footprint. Use Akamai’s hundreds of thousands of content servers to get as close to the SaaS provider’s data center as possible for complete end-to-end optimization of data from the service provider’s gateway direct to the enterprise user.

Steelhead Cloud Accelerator enables organizations to:

  • Improve SaaS performance - Accelerate performance across the WAN and out onto the public internet for un-matched and consistent reliable performance from hybrid clouds.
  • Enterprise scale with cloud economics - Derive immediate value with existing infrastructure and services. No need to deploy additional hardware. Use existing Steelhead appliance deployments in conjunction with Akamai’s Intelligent Platform.
Value of intelligent networking - Combine market leading WAN optimization with market leading Internet optimization. The power of this joint solution is unrivalled in the market.

Optimization for the Public Cloud

Cloud Steelhead.

The Riverbed® Cloud Steelhead® extends Riverbed's market-leading WAN optimization to a solution that is purpose-built for public cloud computing environments.
Public, private, and hybrid cloud environments all face the performance limitations inherent in today’s applications and networks. In order for enterprises to maximize the flexibility and cost savings of the public cloud they must overcome the same latency and bandwidth constraints that challenge distributed IT infrastructure environments. By overcoming application and network performance problems, Cloud Steelhead accelerates the process of migrating data and applications to the cloud, and accelerates access to that data from anywhere. Compatibility with Amazon Web Services and ESX-based cloud environments eliminate vendor lock-in by giving organizations the freedom to move between cloud providers with ease.

Cloud Steelhead offers a number of features to help ensure a smooth transition and user experience across the board.

Transparent cloud interception:

The Cloud Steelhead Discovery Agent simplifies the way in which WAN optimization can be integrated into the highly automated, virtualized environments of the cloud where the physical location of a company’s server might change at any time. With this new form of cloud interception, servers that are authorized to leverage WAN optimization will redirect connections to the appropriate Cloud Steelhead, even if server IP addresses or subnets change, allowing organizations to take advantage of the flexibility of the cloud without concern for performance.

Flexible cloud pricing model:

The Cloud Steelhead features a subscription-based pricing model to provide cloud-like economics for WAN optimization. Riverbed offers monthly subscriptions with term commitments as short as six months, which allows customers who utilize Cloud Steelhead to shift from high capital expenditures to operation expenditures for their WAN optimization requirements.

Simple, portal-based management:

The Riverbed Cloud Portal allows organizations to connect to their cloud provider and deploy a Cloud Steelhead instance in just a few clicks. It also simplifies deployment, management, licensing, and allows instant upgrades of Cloud Steelhead instances.

Elastic sizing and easy cloning:

Cloud Steelhead instances can easily be upgraded between models and administrators can use their existing settings and configurations to bring new Cloud Steelhead instances online quickly and easily. This elastic sizing and easy cloning make it possible for organizations to take advantage of the scale-as-you-go infrastructure opportunity of the public cloud.
Cloud Steelhead instances interoperate with Steelhead appliances, Virtual Steelhead, and Steelhead Mobile to offer organizations the flexibility to provide “anywhere acceleration” of enterprise data and applications in private, hybrid, and public cloud environments


Services Platforms (RSP/VSP)

Riverbed Services Platform and Virtual Services Platform are dedicated virtual platforms running on Steelhead appliances.

The Riverbed® Virtual Service platform (VSP), simplifies the management of distributed infrastructure even further by consolidating services onto a VMware platform on a Steelhead® EX series appliance.VSP eliminates the need for dedicated servers in the branch office.
Consolidation and virtualization help businesses deliver valuable services more efficiently, increase flexibility, and lower costs. The VSP and Riverbed Service Platform (RSP) give organizations the ability to run services and applications virtually in a protected partition on the Steelhead appliance.
Using this revolutionary approach, companies can deploy edge services virtually in all their branch offices without having to deploy and maintain full-blown servers to run the applications, thereby delivering a branch office box solution to organizations. This minimizes the hardware needed at the branch office and enables further consolidation of IT operations. With VSP and RSP organizations can reduce complexity, cut costs, and simplify management, while simultaneously delivering essential local services.
The VSP and RSP support virtually any VMware compatible application and service.  Many Riverbed products are also designed specifically to work on both platforms to further extend the value of Steelhead® appliances.

Riverbed Steelhead Mobile Controller VE: Manages Steelhead Mobile licenses and controls the deployment, management, and reporting of Steelhead Mobile software clients.

Riverbed Cascade© Sensor VE: Enables seamless performance measurement and delivers network visibility in both optimized and non-optimized environments - without requiring expensive physical probes in every branch office.
Both VSP and RSP also support Riverbed Technology Alliance (RTA) tested applications from a wide variety of category leading products, as well as any VMware virtual machine. These can include everything from a Microsoft Windows Server, network address management, and firewall. 

These include:

Edge Services: Enables services like DC, AD, file and print serving, streaming media and BranchCache while delivering LAN-like performance for end users around the globe.

Security: Delivers an end-to-end security solution with the flexibility to choose the best-of-breed security vendors.

Video: Delivers a complete video communications and streaming solution that captures and manages live and on-demand video, distributes Flash and Windows Media formats, and reduces the impact of video bandwidth consumption on the network.

Networking and Management: Helps deliver routing and end-to-end visibility into application performance. Also provides the ability to manage and monitor application response times and SLA requirements at the branch office

Whitewater Cloud Storage Gateway

Reduce costs, improve DR, and eliminate tape with Whitewater cloud storage gateways.

For decades, organizations have relied on tape or local disk for their data protection needs. As accelerating data growth and strict SLAs reduce the appeal of these approaches, innovative organizations are embracing the public cloud for flexible, scalable, pay-as-you-grow storage that reduces costs, improves data protection metrics, and enhances disaster recovery (DR) readiness.
Riverbed® Whitewater® cloud storage gateways allow organizations to:

  • Reduce costs by 30 percent to 50 percent over tape and disk-based architectures
  • Replace over a petabyte of tape with a single appliance
  • Improve DR readiness with secure, off-site cloud storage
  • Eliminate tape and tape system management burdens
  • Instantly leverage the flexibility and scalability of cloud infrastructure

Eliminate dependence on unreliable, error-prone tape systems for backup and DR Eliminate tape and enjoy the benefits of cloud backup with a Whitewater cloud storage gateway. Whitewater replicates data automatically to the public cloud, eliminating costly off-site tape vaulting and improving disaster recovery (DR) capabilities.
Significantly reduced business risk and improve DR readiness
Whitewater cloud storage gateways and public cloud storage provides secure, off-site storage with restore anywhere capability for superior disaster recovery. Data can be recovered by Whitewater from any location to provide the ultimate DR flexibility. Public cloud storage offers excellent DR capabilities without the high costs associated with remote DR sites or colocation service providers. With the public cloud and Whitewater cloud storage gateways – any size organization can significantly reduce its business risk from unplanned outages without the large capital investments and running costs required by competing solutions.
Reduce costs by 30 to 50 percent
Whitewater cloud storage gateways allow companies to reduce costs by 30 to 50 percent over existing tape and disk-to-disk replication systems.

  • Riverbed’s industry leading, byte-level deduplication shrinks the storage required by 10-30 times, which substantially reduces cloud storage fees.
  • Whitewater’s real-time replication to cloud storage eliminates the need for tape vaulting services and speeds the creation of a secure copy of the data in off-site storage.
  • By leveraging a Whitewater gateway as a storage target for the existing data protection application, substantial amounts of on-premise disk storage can be reclaimed for other tasks, eliminating the need for capital expenditures.
  • Leveraging Whitewater’s deduplication and compression, a single Whitewater appliance can replace over a petabyte of tape.
  • Whitewater brings inexpensive, scalable, pay-as-you-grow cloud storage into the company as a low-cost storage tier. With Whitewater old, seldom-accessed data can be moved to the cloud, freeing up expensive disk arrays for other workloads.
  • By eliminating tape and disk-based systems, Whitewater gateways significantly reduce the administration required for media management, capacity planning, and system management, freeing up valuable IT resources for high value projects.

Reduce security risks for off-site data

Mitigate security risks with the strong encryption of data onsite, in transit, and at rest in the cloud. Data is secured by AES 256-bit encryption as the data stream is processed by the Whitewater cloud storage acceleration appliance, and by SSL v3 during transmission to and from the cloud. Thus the data is secured end to end through the storage and retrieval process.

Replace over a petabyte of tape with a single appliance

Most organizations run full backups weekly, and incrementals each day to protect their data. Unfortunately the majority of what is written to tape each week is nearly the same as the week before. The net result is that the average company writes over 50 copies of the same file each year to tape. Whitewater gateways leverage Riverbed’s byte-level deduplication technology to eliminate duplicate segments of data at a granular level that eliminates duplicate segments yet keeps the data safe and secure. When this deduplication is teamed with Riverbed’s compression and optimization technologies, organizations can easily store the same amount of data that was previously stored on hundreds of tapes within a single Whitewater gateway appliance.

Improve remote office data protection
Many organizations struggle with data protection within their remote offices due to a lack of skilled administrators and the expense of off-site vaulting or replication. Organizations often try to centralize the data but soon find that replicating large backup data sets create a significant impact to the network and additional storage requirements in the data center. Whitewater gateways allow remote offices to easily implement cloud backup without requiring additional storage, impact to the company network, or involvement from branch office personnel.

Industry recognized support
Technical support consistently rates in the top three evaluation criteria for major IT purchase decisions, closely behind product features/functionality and performance. This is not surprising, considering the increasing strategic importance of the IT infrastructure, and the potential impact to an organization when it is disrupted or not performing optimally.
In April of 2011, Riverbed achieved global certification under the J.D. Power and Associates Certified Technology Service and Support ProgramSM, which recognized Riverbed for delivering “An Outstanding Customer Service Experience” and also TSIA Excellence in Service Operations. Riverbed is one of a select few companies to receive this distinction for global certification under both the J.D. Power and Associates CTSS and the TSIA Excellence in Service Operations program in the same year.

With support centers located in Amsterdam, London, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Sunnyvale, Sydney, and Tokyo, Riverbed’s “follow-the-sun” system enables the transfer of high-priority cases around the world and provides continuous, industry-recognized support to all customers.

Byte-level deduplication

Leveraging Riverbed's industry-leading, in-line deduplication and compression, Whitewater gateways reduce cloud storage requirements by 10-30 times on average. Byte-level deduplication uses smaller segments, finds more duplication, and thus reduces data sets more than competitive methods. This results in lower cloud storage fees and faster transmission.

WAN optimization technologies

Whitewater leverages Riverbed’s industry leading WAN optimization technologies to speed the replication of backup data sets to and from the cloud. With Riverbed’s byte-level deduplication, compression, and advanced TCP stack, Whitewater gateways optimize data and transmit in multiple, parallel streams to maximize the available bandwidth for outstanding throughput.

Real-time replication

Whitewater gateways deduplicate, compress, encrypt, and cache the backup data stream locally, as well as accelerate the replication of the secure data set to the public cloud. This real-time replication transmits data quickly so that all backup data is safely stored in the cloud as quickly as possible and ensures synchronization between the cloud and locally cached data set.

Strong 256-bit encryption and secure transmission

Whitewater secures data in-flight using SSL v3, and at rest using 256-bit AES encryption. This dual-level security ensures that any data transmitted is not compromised and creates end-to-end security. Whitewater leverages an innovative key management system that allows organizations to carefully manage data security and offers the flexibility to restore data to any location. Encryption keys are kept safe by the IT administrator.

Local optimized disk cache

Whitewater gateways provide a local optimized disk cache of data that ensures LAN-speed transfers to and from the device. Whitewater keeps the most recent, and most-often-accessed data in deduplicated and compressed format within the cache to greatly increase the amount of data stored locally to speed recoveries. If data needing restoration is no longer completely in its local cache, the Whitewater gateway will supplement in-cache data with data from cloud storage.

Drop-in installation

Whitewater gateways install quickly and easily, requiring only a simple change of the backup target in the backup application. As Whitewater gateways appear to the backup application as a CIFS share or NFS export, the change required is minimal. Whitewater manages the deduplication, compression, encryption, and replication of the data stream to the local cache and cloud storage as well as quickly providing the data requested to the backup application when a restore is required.

Broadest cloud backup ecosystem in the industry

Whitewater cloud storage gateways provide the flexibility to work with all major cloud storage providers and data protection applications. Unlike alternatives that require a specific backup tool and/or cloud provider, Whitewater acts as a broker that seamlessly connects all leading data protection applications to all leading cloud providers. Whitewater eliminates vendor lock-in and provides the ability to act quickly should requirements change.

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