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Visibility & Management

Riverbed Cascade® offers superior network and application visibility for your business, so you can respond to IT performance problems faster. Cascade collects data across your WAN that you can use for analysis and reporting, application performance management, IT consolidation, and security. The result? Higher application performance, improved employee productivity, and reduced operational costs.

As organizations consolidate their IT environments through cloud computing, server virtualization and data center consolidation, they're moving users further away from their applications. This can result in slower performance, increased bandwidth costs, and new security risks. Unfortunately, most companies find it difficult to assess these risks and adapt their infrastructure accordingly.

Riverbed Technology gives you a complete solution to optimize your network and gain visibility into your top network challenges. During WAN optimization projects, you can analyze what's on the network to discover optimization candidates, quantify optimization benefits, size your deployment of Steelhead® appliances from Riverbed®, and plan for future growth.

For application performance management, Cascade monitors applications and uses behavioral analytics to alert you when there are changes from normal behavior. For IT consolidation projects, you can use Cascade to expedite the discovery and dependency mapping phase. Cascade finds which applications are running on your network, who's using them, and which devices are used to deliver each application, so you can minimize risks during a data center change.

Our comprehensive solution:

We realize your business has to run at optimal speed now and in the future. You need visibility into your IT infrastructure when applications slow down, when end-users experience performance problems, and when unauthorized applications or malware create performance and security issues. Cascade can help your business solve operational problems that impact employee productivity.

Cascade proactively monitors application and network performance from the end-user perspective. It finds out if application and network problems are slowing users down anywhere on your network, including remote offices optimized with Riverbed Steelhead appliances. It monitors the infrastructure transparently, without the need for expensive new hardware or application modifications.

If you are consolidating data centers or moving to cloud-based solutions, Riverbed can also help. Cascade has embedded discovery and dependency mapping capabilities, and can discover applications, servers, and users throughout your network in a matter of hours. You get consolidation benefits faster and reduce the risk of outages.

Accelerate Network Performance
Optimize the network thoroughly with every application, user, and device. Make better business decisions that save money and resources.

Minimize Business Service Outages
Cascade detects service disruptions early, so you can reduce risk and get back up and running more quickly.

Cut Costs & Realize ROI
Target investments that actually cut costs.

We know expectations from network teams are growing. You need to monitor and predict application performance, maintain service level agreements, prevent security breaches, and monitor external service providers.

However, when network management toolsets become outdated and expensive to maintain, they don't provide a full picture of the modern IT environment, so visibility into your infrastructure can become a challenge.

Cascade takes the concept of network optimization to the next level, allowing you to constantly assess, accelerate, and adapt your IT infrastructure. It's useful for keeping critical applications running at top speed, identifying unauthorized systems on the network, and identifying underutilized servers that can be consolidated or eliminated.

Cascade collects and analyzes vast amounts of network flow data and enhances it with application and user identification. Deploying Cascade is easy and cost-effective. It won't require significant capital and operational expenditures to install and maintain. The GUI allows you to drill down to WAN and LAN information at any level and offers a wide variety of metrics and reports. With Cascade, you can stop infrastructure problems in their tracks and help the business avoid revenue loss.

Run An Efficient Infrastructure
Manage change in the IT infrastructure to ensure the availability, performance, and security of business services. Reduce costs and satisfy regulatory requirements.

Solve Infrastructure Problems Faster
Cascade detects service disruptions early through behavioral analytics. Reduce risk, resolve disruptions quickly, and save money.

Achieve Cost Savings
Avoid disruptions, avoid bandwidth upgrades, and reduce overall operational expenses.

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